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"I bought 3 scents. Each candle smelled great. My room felt so refreshing and relaxing."

- Christa-Ann Molloy

"I lovedddd this candle especially during the Christmas season. The scent lasted so long after the candle was out. It smelled as if ginger bread cookies were baking."

- s.d.

"Beautifully scented candle. Has hints of white florals and a slight smokiness which overall just make the peach smell more realistic and germane."

- MC

"The scents are homely, soothing and very relaxing. I love these candles as they are also long lasting. A quality product."

- Alicia

"Incredibly well blended scents and beautiful packaging 🌸."

- Evie

"I've bought several candles and they all smell so good! They are the best candles I've found so far with super long lasting scent. In addition I love the simple and beautiful look of the candles."

- Jaime Jones

"I'm glad I stumbled upon this company. I purchased the Tropical Pineapple and it smells like Paradise. It's toxins free, vegan, 100% soy wax. I'll definitely be purchasing more candles soon. Exactly what a need. 10/10."

- Fierce Honey

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100% Soy Candles: natural, vegan, and non-toxic.

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